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London-based freelance director, working across theatrical disciplines.

Specialising in words. And dramaturgy. And forms that involve music. 

Trained in Viewpoints, Suzuki, dance forms (various), voicework, public speaking and organised play.  


Dirty Great Love Story      Winner of Fringe First Award 2012     The Stage Award "Must-See" Show 2012

***** The Independent **** Times **** Telegraph **** Scotsman **** Fest **** Broadway Baby **** Three Weeks 

"The kind of show that simultaneously restores your faith in human nature and the fringe"

"Nearly all of the text is rhymed and the ease with which it is delivered is truly magical – a tribute to the brilliance of the direction, by Pia Furtado". "Comic precision, heart and unflagging pace."

"If you don’t leave the theater smiling, you may want to see someone about that. You may have no heart. Or funny bone."

Werther **** The Telegraph **** Bachtrack **** Scotsman

"Only a first rate production can release the full power of Massenet’s Werther; luckily, Scottish Opera's new production is just that, distinguished above all by sensitive and intelligent direction by newcomer Pia Furtado."

"Furtado's beautifully evocative storytelling choreography"


Susanna **** The Telegraph **** Guardian ***** The Stage **** Independent **** Opera Now

"As disturbing as it is impressive"

"Handel’s rarely performed oratorio, staged with keen focus, comes over with tremendous power"

"Furtado handles the inevitable element of moral unease with sensitivity and intelligence."

"This surprising, musically gorgeous and sober evening was one of the highlights of the summer" 


L'Elisir D'Amore ***** Time Out **** Musical Criticism **** Oxford Times

"Pia Furtado's sparkling staging brims with attention grabbing details and directorial touches"

"Dripping with creative and emotional gravitas" "An intelligently thought out comedy with heart." "A triumph." 


Acis & Galatea ***** Opera Today **** The Independent **** Guardian 
"Furtado’s vision is very different, and refreshingly so." "The best kind of creativity and imagination." 


Nicked ***** Whatsonstage **** Guardian

"What the show has in abundance in Pia Furtado’s inventive production is tremendous zest and many neat touches."  "In Marsh and Furtado, we have a new generation of satirists."


Cautionary Tales **** Guardian ***** culturevulture

"a wonderfully anarchic and playful production that kept a roomful of young children and their not so young parents enthralled"   "Wittily inventive"

"Adapter and director, Pia Furtado has raided the secret store of theatrical styles to create something both magical and macabre"  



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